Real estate tours

Real estate tours and rental reference

Looking for a unique way to showcase a home, business onr any property? A 360º virtual tour is the answer. Your prospective purchaser can inspect the property at their leisure, at home on their computer. After viewing the tour the prospective purchaser will have a very good idea of what your property offers. Another use of real estate tours is as a part of an inspection before rental. A 360° virtual tour can be used as a reference as to the condition of the rental property prior to a tenant moving in.


Presenting your home for a virtual tour

Outdoor Areas

  • Tidy children’s sand pits and play areas
  • Remove washing from the cloths line
  • Put rubbish/wheelie bins out of sight
  • Remove cars from drive way
  • If possible remove agents signs if they distract from the presentation
  • Remove unnecessary items like mowers, brooms, mops, bikes, toys etc.
  • Mow lawns and clean up any plant litter etc.
  • Remove any pool cleaners, toys etc. from the pool
  • Do not wash decks, driveways, paths etc. Unless you allow ample time to dry


  • Store dish racks, detergents tea towels etc. away
  • Remove personal items, bins, tissue boxes, mats etc.
  • Well presented fruit baskets, flowers etc. will enhance your home
  • Remove fridge magnets and any other items from your fridge and clean the fridge
  • Clear all benches of clutter and personal items

Living Areas

  • Remove table cloths, lounge covers, etc. unless covering damage
  • Ensure the TV is turned off
  • Remove all personal items, fans, heaters etc.


  • Neatly arrange towels and remove any towels, mats etc. not on towel racks
  • Remove bins
  • Ensure the toilet seat down
  • Remove all personal items
  • Remove  razors, hair dryers, toothbrushes etc. from benches, baths & showers, tissue boxes


  • Make beds and tidy belongings
  • Remove personal items and minimise clutter
  • Robe doors closed


  • Turn all lights on and ensure that the curtains are open if the view is presentable.

Download checklist in PDF format

Download checklist in PDF format

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