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Why Google Street View?

The web is constantly changing and evolving. It was only a few years back that your clients would turn to the Yellow Pages to find your business, and then the web took over. Clients would search online and everything appeared to revolve around having the right keywords in you meta-data. There were many search engines and it was helpful to be listed on as many as possible.

In 2005 Google had approximately 37% world market share with Yahoo at 30% with the remaining share spread across the other search engines. Now Google’s search engine market share is approximately 67% worldwide and in Australia it is a whopping 92% plus. No longer is it important to have just your keywords in the meta-data but a whole host of strategies are required. Content is still king along with a social media presence, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yellow Pages, your own blog and constant updating of your content.

Things are getting out of hand and the competition is fierce. What do you do to manage all this and run a business at the same time? You can try and do it all yourself, employ a SEO (Search engine optimisation) company, or just focus on the important things.

What is important?

Over the last couple of years there has been a major change in how your business is found online and that is smart phones. Smart phones have become an indispensable part of people’s lives.

Smart-phone penetration in Australia has reached over 50% and 58% of these smart-phone users access the Internet every day. With statistics like that your business appearing on smart phones is essential. 86% of smart-phone users look for local information on their phone and 88% take action on the results, contacting the business or making a purchase.

Smart-phone users often use apps to search for business. Google maps is the top app with a market share of over 54% of all smart-phone users worldwide in July 2013. Apple maps app did not even rank in the top 10. Your Google+ page will get you listed on Google maps and the listing will be enhanced with Google Street View.

What does all this mean?

Try searching say for “florist swan hill” on your smart-phone and you will see the first couple of results will be paid advertising followed by a Google maps listing. Other searches may list websites after the paid ads but you will almost always find that a Google maps listing will come up on the first page when searching for business and services at a local level.

This is where Google Street View and your Google+ page help with your listing. Not only will your business feature prominently but you will be easy to find with a click to Google maps for directions. With Google Street View people will be able to look inside your business.

Toyota USA found this Google program to be a great way for their dealerships to break down the "fear of unfamiliarity" for a customer - they discovered that people were much more comfortable walking in their showrooms after they'd virtually toured their dealership first. And, of course, this works for countless other businesses.

To lift your business presence on Google Please contact Stephen Dyer at Signs Plus and schedule a time and price for your personal photoshoot. Photoshoots are non-disruptive and normally take less than one hour. View and share your Google Street View with the world. Photos are live within a matter of days.

08/08/2013 information and statistics in this article was sourced from a number of sources on the web including the following. ibnlive.in.com, gs.statcounter.com, statisticbrain.com.

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